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Adding Youtube videos with eBay’s new active content policy from June 2017

Some time ago I wrote a post with an instructional video showing how to add video to your eBay listings.

From June 2017 this method will no longer work because eBay are introducing a new policy regarding active content.  Here is a link to the policy page

If you have listings with active content, then you will have had a message from eBay with the item numbers.  But this post is about how to add youtube videos to your listing without using active content.  They have brought this policy in so that listing descriptions will show on mobile devices and load quicker.

If you have youtube videos in any of your listings currently (today’s date is 19th May 2017) the chances are they will not comply with this new policy.  Below is a video showing you how to change it so that it will comply.

The code used on this post for the video is using the same code that ebay now requires so that my blog post also shows on a mobile device.

Here are the websites I used in this video.

Checking the listing to see if it is mobile friendly  (for UK) (for USA)

If you are in any other country, there is a drop down menu in the top right corner for you to change the country.

To get the html code for your listing

It is very straight forward and takes hardly any time at all.  Per listing that is, if you have a lot of listings with video, then you’ll just have to go through and do them one by one.    If you use the same video in different listings, you could use the bulk editing tool.

I hope you find this useful.  Please leave me a comment below to let me know how you like this, or if you have any questions.


Product Review: Auction List Building Exposed by Tasleem Khan

I recently purchased this product and I just felt I had to write a review about it just to warn any potential buyers about it so you can save yourself ten bucks and half hour of your time.

The product is called ‘Auction List Building Exposed’ and the author is Tasleem Khan.  Here is a link to the sales page.  It is not an affiliate link as I am not promoting it in anyway shape or form.

The eBook is showing you how to build a list of subscribers (I use that term subscribers loosely, and I will explain why) by selling eBooks on eBay.  That is why I bought it as I sell on eBay anyway and always looking for ways to add more subscribers to my list.  However the method it teaches is unethical, totally against eBay’s policy of member to member contact and even worse illegal.

First of all if you do click on the link above, although it’s a nice looking sales page in fairness, the author has not shown her eBay name.  Now if this was something she was doing and was a success, why wouldn’t you show your eBay name?  Also she has stated you can do this without breaking any rules.  This is totally incorrect as already mentioned.

So what is the eBook teaching you.  Well in a nut shell, it tells you to put an eBook up for sale on eBay.  When it sells, burn it to disc and send to your customer.  Nothing wrong with that ofcourse.  But then it says, take the paypal email address and add it to your subscriber list.  It was when I read ‘Turn of the ‘double opt in’ that alarm bells rang.  This is so they don’t get an email asking to confirm their subscription.

If you then send email to that email address, it is classed as spam as you are sending unsolicited emails, i.e. an email that the received didn’t ask for, and spamming is illegal, certainly here in the UK.  You can email your customer after the sale regarding their purchase, but you can’t send them marketing email unless they asked for them.

After I purchased the ebook, I then received further emails unrelated to this eBook and I didn’t ask for them, plus other people that I assume is affiliated to this person.

On the sales page you will notice there is a 30 day money back guarantee.  I registered my ebook on 12th September.  I contacted Tasleem the same day requesting a refund and explained the reasons why.  She refused, giving the explanation that collecting email addresses is not illegal.  I replied back saying ‘no collecting email address isn’t but using them to send unsolicited email is.  I’m still requesting a refund’.  I’ve not had a reply.

I have to say, it’s people like this who give internet marketers a bad name.  I only hope that my giving you good quality content and information at least puts your faith in me and other marketers.

How to set up a multi variation listing on ebay

Some time ago, I was asked by another eBay member, how did I make the different options available on my listing.  They were referring to a multi variation listing.  So I thought I would create a video showing how to do it.

Why create a multi variation listing though?

  1.  Well for several reasons, firstly it will save you on listing fees.  Instead of paying a listing fee for say each colour of a product you have, you can put them all together into one listing and pay just one listing fee for all of them.
  2. If you have different options in one listing, you are more likely to sell more than one item to a buyer than if you had each option in a different listing.  I have often sold more than one item to the same customer at the same time.
  3. It is easy to set up postage discounts for each additional item purchased.  I show this in the video too.
  4. The variation detail is a searchable term, so if you have blue, green, orange available, rather than put each colour into the listing title to capture those search terms, you set up a variation for each colour leaving you with more characters in the listing for other key words.
  5. Your listing will keep the item number for longer because you have more stock on that listing.  This is important if you use social media for sharing your item.

In this video I show you how to set up a multi variation detail using the standard listing form that we have been using for a long time, and the new listing tool that has only become available to some sellers within the last week or so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy listing.


BTW if you like the little angel ornaments that I’ve used in this video, you can find them here:

How to crop your photos when uploading to your eBay listing

Whilst browsing eBay, I’ve noticed many listings where the photo has lots of unnecessary space around the main subject, or even that the photo is not the correct way round and hence needs rotating.  This has led me to conclude that many users don’t know how to rotate and crop their images when uploading them to eBay.  So I’ve made a short video showing you how to do it.


Hope it helps.

Don’t shop on eBay this Saturday 5th December

Ofcourse, I’m joking.  As an eBay seller myself, I would never say, “don’t shop on eBay”.  It’s just one of those querky titles to grab your attention.

As I was eating my breakfast this morning before starting work, I heard that this Saturday is ‘Small business Saturday’.  I seem to recall it being mentioned about this same time last year.  It was a government introduced scheme under the Conservative and Liberal Democrate Coalition in 2013.

It is aimed to help small business in a varitey of ways including:

  • encouraging shoppers to turn away from your big name shops and buy from smaller businesses
  • the ability to register your business and advertise for free
  • free business start up advice
  • free marketing toolkit

If you run an online business, or any other small business such as a brick and mortar business, then head on over to Small Business Saturday to register your business for free and for loads more details about it.  You can even register to attend free workshops in your area and there is a link to the post workshops youtube channel too.

So why did I start by saying “Don’t shop on eBay this Saturday”?  Well my concern is that consumers will see eBay as a big name, when in fact it is a platform for small business to trade on.  I can’t remember what happended to my sales last year on small business Saturday, but I will be paying attention to my sales this Saturday.



An example of why using different web browsers helps on eBay

When it comes to packaging up the sales I’ve made on eBay, I have been doing each one separately, that is print a packaging slip, postage label and packaged it up, then move onto the next one.

Then in December, when I was getting so busy posting parcels, I found a way of printing multiple packing slips and postage labels at once.  I use selling manager by the way.  If you don’t have selling manager pro or selling manager, I would recommend subscribing to one or the other.  Selling Manager has no subscription fee, and Selling Manager Pro costs £4.99 after a 30 day free trial, or included if you have an eBay shop at featured level or above.

Click to learn more about Selling Manager.

Click to learn more about Selling Manager Pro.

Click to learn more about eBay shops.

These are links on  Just search the help section of your countries eBay site for fees in your country etc.

In selling manager, I discovered that you can select multiple sales records, then from a drop down menu labelled “Dispatch action” select “Print postage labels or invoices”.  So I discovered I could print multiple packing slips at once.  I found this a great time saver, instead of printing each item separately.

However, I was using Chrome, and when printing the multiple packing slips, each one wasn’t separated on different pages, so on one page I’d have a packing slip then the start of another.   I also have Internet Explorer and Firefox on my computer, and so tried Firefox.  This worded fine.  You can do a print preview to check before printing and wasting valuable ink and paper.

So I just thought I’d share this with my blog readers, as you may find it useful to learn you can print more than one packing slip at once, and that using different web browsers can make a difference.

UK sellers only: you can now send larger parcels using Royal Mail’s small parcel product

On 30th March 2013, Royal Mail introduced a new pricing structure for sending parcels.  I wrote a post about it on 15th March.

There are three different parcel sizes; small, medium and large.  The size of small parcels from 30th March were 8cm x 35cm x 45cm or 16cm x 16cm x 16xm, both with a weight limit of 2kg.  This left us very limited to what we can send for £2.60.  The next size price up for medium parcel is a whooping £5.20.

You’ll then have noticed I tried out a different courier service called ‘MyHermes’, and then wrote a post about that as they are much more reasonably priced.  I’m wondering if I am not the only one, as now Royal Mail have changed the size restirctions for small parcels, which is very good news as it means we can now send larger items for £2.60.

The new sizes are:

Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 8cm Weight limit: 2kg (no change)


Length: 35cm Width: 25cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg

You can see the new prices on this pdf

Royal Mail’s new prices effective from October 2013

You may alrady have known, but if not, I hope this comes as a nice surprise for you.  I confess I was very excited when I found out.

I only found out when I was in the post office recently to send a couple of items recorded delivery, and saw this leaflet about it in the rack.  I’m usually on the Royal Mail website every day, and they have not made any announcement about it, so thought I’d share this with my UK blog readers.


Increase your chances of selling so close to Christmas on eBay

At time of writing this post, we are just two weeks away from Christmas day.  That leaves only ten delivery days left.

So now we are likely to find more buyers shopping on the high street instead of online for fear of their gifts not arriving on time.  I certainly have noticed a decline in my eBay sales now.

To encourage more sales so close to Christmas, and if you are  not already doing so, I would suggest you include free first class shipping, or whatever the equivalent is for the postal service of the country in which you live.  I already give free shipping on my items, but only give second class.  I will be going through my listings and changing this to first class.  By doing this you will see a ‘GET IT FAST AND FREE’ in green underneath the item title in search results.  This will help your listing to stand out from those that are not offering the same service, and people are now wanting their items as quickly as possible.  You’ve probably seen this on other listings.

If you are already giving free postage but not using the fastest option, like me, and have the margin to do so, I wouldn’t increase the selling price either.  This way you also get a higher ranking in the search format ‘lowest to hightest price’.

This way you will squeeze as many sales and profit out of your inventory as possible.

Hope this suggestion helps your sales.

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2014.

Why you should no longer be using templates and images in your eBay listings

Over the past few months, when each of my listings have required renewing, I have been updating them.  This was due to something I heard actually last Christmas.  And yes, I have actually been a few months delaying updating my listings.

So what was it I heard?  Well, that on Christmas day itself, shopping online increased by a large percentage.  I can’t remember the exact growth, but that doesn’t matter.  Just the fact it increased, and not on your computer, no, but on mobile and tablets.

This is why you should avoid cluttering up your listing with fancy graphics and images.  You want your listing to be as easy to read on mobile as possible.  So here’s how:

  • Upload all your photos of the item to eBay and keep them out of the product description.  eBay have recently updated their image policy and now you can upload more than just one photo, whereas in some categories you could only have one
  • Use black text on white background.  Don’t try to make it look fancy.  This will just make it more difficult to read.
  • Use bullet points, like in this post, for each part of the description.
  • When taking a photo of your product, try to fill the whole viewfinder with the item.  Remember, more people are viewing the picture on a smaller screen now, so you need it to be as big and clear as possible.  You should have done that anyway ofcourse, but this is even more important now.

Don’t delay, optimise your listings for mobile today.  People have been doing their Christmas shopping online now for many years.  Now they can do their Christmas shopping whilst on their daily commute to work etc. and so will be doing so on their mobile phone.

Here is an example of a listing that does not display well on mobile:

Silver heart watch pendant or search on the app for item number 310416296446

Here is an example of a listing I have optimised for eBay mobile

Digital Camera or search on the app for item number 310721694485

Have a look at both listings on your computer and mobile and see what a difference there is.

Another reason why you should do this right away is because it will not be doing your ranking in best match search results any favours.  The reason why is because a mobile user will view your listing, not find it easy to read and leave your listing again.  The more hits your listings gets without a sale, will move it down in the best match search results.   Resulting in lower conversions and loosing sales.

Beating Royal Mail’s Medium and Large Parcel prices

This post only applies to readers in the UK.

In my last post, I wrote about Royal Mail’s new pricing structure which came into affect on 2nd April.  It was quite alarming to online sellers that some of their postage services were increasing from £2.20 to £5.30 for probably the most common size packages we send.

I have been trying a different postal service for the first time since these new prices came into affect.  I haven’t written about it till now, because I wanted to be sure I don’t get any complaints or negative comments from my customers before telling you about it.  Now over two months later, I have not received any complaints.  In fact I have asked customers for their opinion from a delivery point of view, what do they think.  And I’ve only heard good things.

The name of this service is ‘My Hermes’.  To begin with I was hesitant about using them, because I searched on the internet for reviews, and I read mostly bad things.  Most of which were items being broken in transit.  However I put this down to that people don’t package up their parcels adequately, and this is the most common complaint.  Also people only tend to write a review if they have a bad experience.

I decided to give them a try, and I am glad I did.  You can set up an an account direct with their website at and at a parcel site called parcel2go

Here is a list of advantages of My Hermes over Royal Mail

  • Both of these sites will connect to your ebay account and download your sales enabling you to print postage direct from their website
  • My Hermes will come and collect your parcels from your house.
  • If you prefer or is more convenient for you, you can drop your parcels at over one of 2000 late night opening convenience store, meaning you don’t have to struggle to get to a post office when they are open.
  • You get free online tracking
  • If you want a signature on delivery, you can have that too for less than Royal Mail’s recorded delivery option.
  • You get an instant email giving you a tracking number which you can pass on to your customer.
  • Most eBay and other online sellers will just use Royal Mail, so by using My Hermes, you will be able to price your products more competitively., and in my opinion, use a better postage service than Royal Mail.

If your item is small and light enough for Royal Mail’s large letter or small parcel service, Royal Mail is the cheaper option.

My Hermes typical delivery time is 3-5 working days, so if your customer wants the item quicker, I also give them Royal Mail’s first class service, obviously charging the appropriate postage.

Just one more point before I finish this post, Parcel2Go, gives you access to more delivery services than just My Hermes, so I would use them if nothing more, than to keep an eye on the prices of other services.  Just compare the price they charge though against My Hermes direct as on the odd occassion they do charge a little more for some reason, but mostly do charge the same.  Parcel2Go say that the more you use them, the cheaper your postage will get.

Happy mailing.