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My free website builder

Hello, I have downloaded and installed Ewen Chia’s   ‘My Free Website Builder’.  For anyone who is new to building web pages and websites, then I recommend this product.  At the time of writing this post, Ewen is givning this away for free.  It comes with video tutorials and an instruction manual in the form of a […]

No more eBooks to be sold on eBay

Hi, Yes, you read that right.  Basically, it is not just eBooks that is banned from eBay, it is digitally delivered products including website templates, eBooks, graphics etc.  If you are a digital product seller, you may already know this. Here is the official announcement: ttp:// Ofcourse this does not mean you cannot use ‘more […]

A good picture will get more bids

Hi all, The title of this post ‘A good picture will get more bids’ may seem an obvious statement to make, but how many listings with poor photos, or even no photo at all, have you seen? Well, have a quick browse now on eBay.  I have just had a quick browse and here is […]

What do you think to the new eBay fees and feedback system?

Hello, All of you eBay sellers out there, will by now have received notification from eBay of their new fees and feedback system which mainly will affect sellers. If you haven’t, here is a brief overview.   eBay have changed their insertion fees and final value fees (FVF).  This came into effect on 20th February 2008.  Basically for most […]