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List for free on eBay

Hello, Now  you can list for free on eBay. But not everyone can list for free.  It only applies to private sellers,  i.e. if you have registered as a business seller,  this will not apply to you….but read on anyway, and for auctions starting 99p or less. Another but….although you can now list for free […]

Using Twitter to market your online business

Most people will have heard of Twitter by now.  Basically you can post messages of up to 140 characters long that people who choose to follow you can read.  So how can you use this to promote your online business? I listen to eBay radio quite often and they have guest speakers on.  One particular […]

My previous listing idea and how well it did.

On my previous post, I told you about another listing idea.  It was telling you about how I have started to list on eBay something that I had been throwing in the bin.  Click HERE to see the post.  It will open in a new window. I have seen an increase in my eBay store […]