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I have been keeping my April e…

I have been keeping my April eBay challenge going. See how I have been getting on at

My eBay challenge – Day 28

As of EOD 27th April Target: £297 Actual: £166.29 There isn’t really much to report since my last post on this two days ago. I have steadily been adding more items to my eBay shop, but that’s it really. I will give you an end of the month update at the end of the week.

How to easily create your own eCovers.

There is a very easy way to make your own ebook covers, cd covers, ezine covers etc, and it only takes a few minutes.  You can do this with the software called ”eCover creator’.  I am selling this software in my eBay store. Clicking HERE will take you to the ‘software’ category of my eBay […]

My eBay challenge update – Day 26

I didn’t keep my word did I?  I said I would give an update on the Tuesday/Wednesday after the Easter bank holiday weekend.  Well unfortunately,  I got a bowt of ‘man flu’.  I have been over it for a few days now but I had to catch up with sending out orders that had come […]

My eBay challenge update – Day 10

As of EOD 9th April Target: £99 Actual: £51.03 Now, I haven’t actually done much since my last update, as I have been very busy this week with other things I am involved in outside of my normal 9-5 job.  I wont bore you with them, as it’s not relevant. but lets just say I […]

My eBay challenge update – Day 5

As of EOD 4th April Target: £44 Actual: £17.10 It is Sunday evening as I write this on 5th April. Since my post from yesterday I thought first things first is get extra stock in my eBay shop.  After all, surely the best way to increase sales is to increase inventory.  This will also help […]

My first personal monthly challenge on eBay

Did you read the blog post I wrote ‘Whether you beleive you can or you can’t you are right’? Well, if not, please do read it.  I sincerely believe in the points I raised in this post. Now, I must be totally honest, I have not got off to the best start with this challenge.  […]