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My April eBay challenge is ove…

My April eBay challenge is over. Now I have a May eBay challenge. I tell of tactics I use. Visit my blog

My May eBay challenge – Day 8

As of EOD 7th May Target: £77 Actual:  £53.59 I am closer to my target compared to the same day in April.  I really have the bit between my teeth this month. Today, I want to tell you about another very simple traffic generation tactic that is very easy and free to implement.  It is […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 6

As of EOD 5th May Target: £55 Actual: £37.50 What I will try to do in this month’s series of blog posts on my May eBay challenge, is to give you constructive and useful information that you can use to help with your eBay business. I will not go into a lot of depth on […]

My eBay challenge – the end result

April is over, and the eBay challenge has ended.  So would you like to know how I got on? As of EOD 30th April Target: £330 Actual: £213.26 In an earlier post I said my best month recently, may be ever, was March when I turned over about £150 worth of items.  Well, now I […]