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PLR Monthly Reviewed and Revealed

PLR Monthly is it worth it? Let’s find out. Private Label Right products in a nut shell are yours to own, edit, sell, resell, grant resale rights too and more. Basically you are the author of the product without writing or creating a thing.  So it does not take a genius to realise the […]

Auction product sourcing 5.5 – eBay arbitrage experiment result

Just over ten days ago, I made a post to show a very bad listing, and my relisted item. Now it is time to see the results of my auction. Here is the video Now lets do the maths. Sale price £18.45 Minus Item purchase price including postage: £2.29 eBay fees: £1.84 Charity donation £1.84 […]

Product sourcing for your online auction business part 5.4 – another eBay arbitrage experiment

I know I have already covered this topic in previous posts by showing you items I bought that were poorly listed and listing them and showing you the results.  But I found such a poorly listed item more recently, I just had to do another. In this video you will see the item I won […]