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eBay radio talks about the new listing title rules

A couple of posts ago, I wrote a short article on the new rules explaining that the number of characters you can use in an eBay listing has increased from 55 to 80.  I also included a few tips on how to use your extra characters. Well, on the latest eBay radio show broadcast on […]

Multi Profit Monthly for only $5

I have just purchased Multi Profit Monthly for an unbelievably low price of only $5.  To me it was a no brainer.  It is a 12 internet marketing training course made by two very successful Internet marketers making good money online today.  I have purchased products from John in the past and have never looked […]

Changes to eBay listing title rules

Just changed for the month of September is the number of characters eBay allow in the listing title.   It was 55 characters and now is 80 characters. I don’t know about you, but quite often I run out of characters when choosing keywords to put into my titles, so this is good news indeed. […]