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Adding Youtube videos with eBay’s new active content policy from June 2017

Some time ago I wrote a post with an instructional video showing how to add video to your eBay listings. From June 2017 this method will no longer work because eBay are introducing a new policy regarding active content.  Here is a link to the policy page If you have listings with active content, […]

Product Review: Auction List Building Exposed by Tasleem Khan

I recently purchased this product and I just felt I had to write a review about it just to warn any potential buyers about it so you can save yourself ten bucks and half hour of your time. The product is called ‘Auction List Building Exposed’ and the author is Tasleem Khan.  Here is a […]

How to set up a multi variation listing on ebay

Some time ago, I was asked by another eBay member, how did I make the different options available on my listing.  They were referring to a multi variation listing.  So I thought I would create a video showing how to do it. Why create a multi variation listing though?  Well for several reasons, firstly it […]

How to crop your photos when uploading to your eBay listing

Whilst browsing eBay, I’ve noticed many listings where the photo has lots of unnecessary space around the main subject, or even that the photo is not the correct way round and hence needs rotating.  This has led me to conclude that many users don’t know how to rotate and crop their images when uploading them […]

Don’t shop on eBay this Saturday 5th December

Ofcourse, I’m joking.  As an eBay seller myself, I would never say, “don’t shop on eBay”.  It’s just one of those querky titles to grab your attention. As I was eating my breakfast this morning before starting work, I heard that this Saturday is ‘Small business Saturday’.  I seem to recall it being mentioned about this same time last […]

An example of why using different web browsers helps on eBay

When it comes to packaging up the sales I’ve made on eBay, I have been doing each one separately, that is print a packaging slip, postage label and packaged it up, then move onto the next one. Then in December, when I was getting so busy posting parcels, I found a way of printing multiple […]

UK sellers only: you can now send larger parcels using Royal Mail’s small parcel product

On 30th March 2013, Royal Mail introduced a new pricing structure for sending parcels.  I wrote a post about it on 15th March. There are three different parcel sizes; small, medium and large.  The size of small parcels from 30th March were 8cm x 35cm x 45cm or 16cm x 16cm x 16xm, both with […]

Increase your chances of selling so close to Christmas on eBay

At time of writing this post, we are just two weeks away from Christmas day.  That leaves only ten delivery days left. So now we are likely to find more buyers shopping on the high street instead of online for fear of their gifts not arriving on time.  I certainly have noticed a decline in […]

Why you should no longer be using templates and images in your eBay listings

Over the past few months, when each of my listings have required renewing, I have been updating them.  This was due to something I heard actually last Christmas.  And yes, I have actually been a few months delaying updating my listings. So what was it I heard?  Well, that on Christmas day itself, shopping online […]

Beating Royal Mail’s Medium and Large Parcel prices

This post only applies to readers in the UK. In my last post, I wrote about Royal Mail’s new pricing structure which came into affect on 2nd April.  It was quite alarming to online sellers that some of their postage services were increasing from £2.20 to £5.30 for probably the most common size packages we […]