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Why you need to sell any bulky items before 30th March.

This post only applies to my readers in the UK. Royal Mail announced last week a new price structure and changes to their products coming into effect on 2nd April. When I first read the announcement on my mobile device whilst traveling to Heathrow last Tuesday, I have to say it did not get my […]

Selling and posting products internationally

This is probably one of the most important posts so far on my blog. I am a big believer of making your products available to customers overseas, but I know a lot of people are put of by this, for reasons I don’t know.  I can only think of the postage costs, but as long […]

Protecting you eBay images from being used by other sellers

One of my pet hates on eBay is when other sellers use your images.  This can particularly happen if you are selling wholesale items that other sellers can easily get hold off and sell.   Rather than take their own image and make their listing look unique, they will troll through eBay looking for another seller’s […]

Preparing for Christmas on eBay

My last post, all too long ago, was what to do after Christmas.  This post is related to that topic, but getting ready for Christmas. I am conscious that my last post was too long ago at the beginning of the year.  However I don’t believe in just posting articles on any old rubbish just […]

Top 5 things to do after Christmas for eBay sellers?

Now that we are well into January 2012, the mad rush of sales leading up to Christmas is now well behind us, and hopefully you will have a healthy paypal or bank balance. But what now?  You will probably expect or find a big drop in sales.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  […]

How to add video to eBay listings

Sometime ago, I had a couple of requests from my email subscribers to show them how to add video to eBay listings.  I am sorry it has taken some weeks for me to get around to doing it.  But here you are, I have done it now. There are several advantages to having video in […]

eBay radio talks about the new listing title rules

A couple of posts ago, I wrote a short article on the new rules explaining that the number of characters you can use in an eBay listing has increased from 55 to 80.  I also included a few tips on how to use your extra characters. Well, on the latest eBay radio show broadcast on […]

Changes to eBay listing title rules

Just changed for the month of September is the number of characters eBay allow in the listing title.   It was 55 characters and now is 80 characters. I don’t know about you, but quite often I run out of characters when choosing keywords to put into my titles, so this is good news indeed. […]

Auction product sourcing 5.5 – eBay arbitrage experiment result

Just over ten days ago, I made a post to show a very bad listing, and my relisted item. Now it is time to see the results of my auction. Here is the video Now lets do the maths. Sale price £18.45 Minus Item purchase price including postage: £2.29 eBay fees: £1.84 Charity donation £1.84 […]

Product sourcing for your online auction business part 5.4 – another eBay arbitrage experiment

I know I have already covered this topic in previous posts by showing you items I bought that were poorly listed and listing them and showing you the results.  But I found such a poorly listed item more recently, I just had to do another. In this video you will see the item I won […]