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Product sourcing for your online auction 5.2 – ebay arbitrage

This post is a repost of an earlier post that for some reason will not display, so I have had to re do it.  It follows on from ‘Product sourcing for you ronline auction business 5.1 – ebay arbitrage’   At the end of my last post, I said I had some products that I […]

Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Business Part 7 – Job Lots on eBay

It has been several months since my last post in this topic series.  Not because I had run out of ideas, far from it in fact, but just because I have had other things to talk to you about, and besides, I’m sure you have been having fun, and making money from the eBay arbitrage […]

Have your listings appear high in eBay’s Best Match search results

In my last post, I briefly explained about the new rules using references to the Powerseller status or logo in your listing. I also mentioned that the powerseller program has not ended, but in fact you need to reach powerseller status before becoming a Top Rated Seller.  Since that post, I have reached the prestigious […]

Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business Part 6 – Car Boot Sales

In the very first post in this series of ‘Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business’ which you can read here Product Sourcing Ideas for your Online Auction Business I list several ways of sourcing products, most of which I have not yet covered.  Now is an ideal time of year to be using […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 4 – online retailers

This method is kind of similar to that described in the previous post, but you use online retailers, preferably when they have a sale on, but in theory, you could use this method any time, which is why I personally like it so much.  Again, as before, it is a method I use personally so […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 3 – sales on the high street

Happy new year, and may 2010 and the whole decade be a successful and prosperous one for you. This takes me nicely to the next series of posts in this series of ‘product sourcing ideas for your online auction business’. The title of this post speaks for itself.  Getting your products from high street shop […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 2 – Around your home

Hello, Welcome to the first post about product sourcing for your online auction business.   Remember, I am going to write about my own personal experiences and tell you and show you what I do.  This way you know that you are getting information from a real eBay powerseller, as it is the same methods I have used.  […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business

Hello, Welcome to the first of a series of posts that I am going to write which will help you get starting selling on online auction sites such as eBay and for those already selling, learn strategies you probably are not using.  I do not know yet how many posts this seres will be, but […]

eBay listing and selling tips from eBay radio

Hi all, This is a very quick post.  If you have read any previous posts of mine, you probably know that I listen to eBay radio regularly.  I was listening just now, and thought this particular segment of a recent show would be very useful to my blog readers.  Here is the link to listen […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 18

As of EOD 17th May Target: £187 Actual: £180.70 Since I last made a post, I have done a couple of things to help increase traffic to my listings. I have continually added new products to my store, as usual. I have been increasing my twitter followers which in turn will increase traffic to my […]