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One blog post criticism and constructive feedback

 Just a couple of days ago, someone left me the following comment on my blog; “Site is nothing special, and some of the blog categories don’t make sense. Not a site I would return to.. you are not master class you are 3rd class just selling affiliate programs . It will never help you succeed. […]

John Thornhill’s Masterclass

Did you read the post I made two days ago?  If not, I recommend you read it. This post is going to seem a very big coincidence, but I assure you, these two posts are in no way linked. Over the last few days, I have been getting emails in from a well know internet marketer called John […]

Whether you believe you can or you can’t you are right – Henry Ford

I was watching an internet marketing DVD over the weekend, and the speaker put this quotation on the screen for the audience to have a think about at the end of his speech.  He didn’t say anything else about it, just for the audience to think about what it means. This got me thinking, and […]

How to move your wordpress blog from one hosting company to another

Hello, I have just a few days ago completed a transfer process on my blog.  It’s nothing that will be visible to my blog visitor, as I have changed my hosting company to Blackwater Internet.  I have wanted to change my hosting company for some time, but I kept putting of making the move because I […]

Google Adsense ads have been replaced by Clickbank ads

Is it an obvious change to my blog or not?  You may remember me writing this following post: In that post I wrote about a new product called ClickBank Ad Rotator   which I highly recommend.  I also said that I would slowly be replacing the Adsense ads with Clickbank ads, so I thought it is about time […]

Clickbank ad rotator. Could this be the death of Adsense?

As you may be aware, multiple streams of income form an integral part of Internet Marketing.  If it were not for auto pilot earnings we would not make half as much from the Internet as we do today.  Systems that earn affiliate incomes and paid advertising commissions contribute to a large percentage of our monthly income.  […]

My eBook website is back. TAKE A LOOK!!

Hi all, Yes, my eBook website is back.  For those of you who have purchased from me before, you will now experience a much more efficient eBook delivery system, more features including the option to sign up to my newsletter and receive some mystery gifts and eBook subject categories. Please visit or you can […]

Screen Show Pro still a bargain

Hello, As per my previous post, you could only get a copy of Screen Show Pro for $5 up to the end of May.  Please see my previous post for a short review of this piece of software. Well, now the price has gone up to $27, but I don’t know how long Dirk will […]

Screen Show Pro – similar to Camtasia studio

Hello, Today I received an email promoting a piece of software called ‘Screen Show Pro’.  It is similar to the well know video creation tool ‘Camtasia Studio’ which is selling at $299.  Screen Show Pro is created by Dirk Wagner, and until the end of May, he is selling it for only $5.  I went ahead […]

John Thornhill’s 90 day powerseller challenge

This is just a quick post to let you know that John Thornhill, the creator of 90 day powerseller challenge, has hinted on his blog, that he is currently working on updating this product so that it is inline with the new eBay policy on digital items.  Once he has done this, and he says this should […]