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UK sellers only: you can now send larger parcels using Royal Mail’s small parcel product

On 30th March 2013, Royal Mail introduced a new pricing structure for sending parcels.  I wrote a post about it on 15th March. There are three different parcel sizes; small, medium and large.  The size of small parcels from 30th March were 8cm x 35cm x 45cm or 16cm x 16cm x 16xm, both with […]

Beating Royal Mail’s Medium and Large Parcel prices

This post only applies to readers in the UK. In my last post, I wrote about Royal Mail’s new pricing structure which came into affect on 2nd April.  It was quite alarming to online sellers that some of their postage services were increasing from £2.20 to £5.30 for probably the most common size packages we […]

A cheaper alternative to AWeber and Get Response

I use AWeber as my autoresponder service and highly recommend it, but it does come with a monthly fee of US$19.99.  There is also another very popular service called Get Response, but I don’t know anything about this. However, if you don’t yet have an autoresponder, but want one without the monthly fees, I recommend […]

How to move your wordpress blog from one hosting company to another

Hello, I have just a few days ago completed a transfer process on my blog.  It’s nothing that will be visible to my blog visitor, as I have changed my hosting company to Blackwater Internet.  I have wanted to change my hosting company for some time, but I kept putting of making the move because I […]

The expert in saving money

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. With all of the doom and gloom about at the moment in terms of the recession, credit crunch etc, in 2009, you may be wanting to look for ways you can save yourself a few pounds this year.  […]

eBay – Your products show in main searches for 3p

I have just realised something, and want to share with you as I think it is great. This relates to my last two posts regarding the forthcoming changes on I mentioned that from the 24th September, there will no longer be shop inventory only listings.  You can currently list in your shop, items selling for £4.99 […]

eBay listing promotion. List multiple items for one insertion fee

On, there is currently a listing promotion on where if you list multiple items, you only pay one insertion fee.  When I first saw this, I didn’t know what it meant so I just ignored it.  Any way, today I have found out by a little guess work, so thought I would share it […]

Say no to non std phone numbers – UK readers

Are you like me where you get inclusive minutes on your mobile phone and free calls on the landline?  If so, and I think most people do these days, then chances are the non std phone numbers are not included in the inclusive/free minutes.  Phone number like 0870 0871 0845 0844 even the free phone […]

Save on your music downloads, games and movies

Hello, I have found this really great website where for a one of payment, you can download unlimited amount of music, games, movies, tv shows.  Click HERE for more. If you buy a lot of mp3’s through iTunes, rent movies, buy cd’s, then once you join this site, you will not have to pay for […]