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My May eBay challenge – Day 31

As of EOD 31st May Target: £330.00 Actual: £441.14 WOW, I must have done something right this month, I smashed my target figure. I’ve only been doing what I have been writing about on my blog over the last couple of months. What do I think has been the most successful tactic? – I believe […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 22

As of EOD 21st May Target: £231 Actual: £283.60 Looks like I will reach my target.  Only need to sell another £60 worth of items with still more than a week to go. So far my May eBay challenge updates, have been to do with increasing traffic to your store or listings.  In this post, […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 18

As of EOD 17th May Target: £187 Actual: £180.70 Since I last made a post, I have done a couple of things to help increase traffic to my listings. I have continually added new products to my store, as usual. I have been increasing my twitter followers which in turn will increase traffic to my […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 14

As of EOD 13th May Target: £143 Actual: £132.03 Since my last update, I have been, apart from the obvious listing of more products, been continuously looking at more ways of driving traffic to my store, and hence my listings. Now this post covers something that I touched on in a post for my April […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 11

As of EOD 10th May Target: £110 Actual: £72.34 Since my last update, as always, I have been adding more items to my inventory, but I have also given my eBay shop a face lift.  It now has a completely different look.  In fact if you were used to my old eBay shop, you now […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 8

As of EOD 7th May Target: £77 Actual:  £53.59 I am closer to my target compared to the same day in April.  I really have the bit between my teeth this month. Today, I want to tell you about another very simple traffic generation tactic that is very easy and free to implement.  It is […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 6

As of EOD 5th May Target: £55 Actual: £37.50 What I will try to do in this month’s series of blog posts on my May eBay challenge, is to give you constructive and useful information that you can use to help with your eBay business. I will not go into a lot of depth on […]