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Product Review: Auction List Building Exposed by Tasleem Khan

I recently purchased this product and I just felt I had to write a review about it just to warn any potential buyers about it so you can save yourself ten bucks and half hour of your time. The product is called ‘Auction List Building Exposed’ and the author is Tasleem Khan.  Here is a […]

Beating Royal Mail’s Medium and Large Parcel prices

This post only applies to readers in the UK. In my last post, I wrote about Royal Mail’s new pricing structure which came into affect on 2nd April.  It was quite alarming to online sellers that some of their postage services were increasing from £2.20 to £5.30 for probably the most common size packages we […]

Dave Nicholson’s 12 week coaching program

Firstly I’d like to point out that this is only available until Thursday 14th February. The best way to succeed online as an internet marketer, is to learn from someone who is already successful. Dave Nicholson is a successful internet marketer and he has created a 12 week coaching program.  This has been available for […]

Protecting you eBay images from being used by other sellers

One of my pet hates on eBay is when other sellers use your images.  This can particularly happen if you are selling wholesale items that other sellers can easily get hold off and sell.   Rather than take their own image and make their listing look unique, they will troll through eBay looking for another seller’s […]

Multi Profit Monthly for only $5

I have just purchased Multi Profit Monthly for an unbelievably low price of only $5.  To me it was a no brainer.  It is a 12 internet marketing training course made by two very successful Internet marketers making good money online today.  I have purchased products from John in the past and have never looked […]

PLR Monthly Reviewed and Revealed

PLR Monthly is it worth it? Let’s find out. Private Label Right products in a nut shell are yours to own, edit, sell, resell, grant resale rights too and more. Basically you are the author of the product without writing or creating a thing.  So it does not take a genius to realise the […]

Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business Part 8 – and becoming a powerseller

I just want to touch on another method of product sourcing.  This is my main method and also my favourite. That is selling information, training videos and software via CD ROM’s.  If you go to my eBay store (info-sources eBay store) you will see the type of products I sell.  I also sell non CD […]

How I became an eBay powerseller

Hello, It has been too long since I last made a post, so to all of my regular readers, I apologise, but you will understand why in just a minute. At the end of my last post, where I explained about how I met my May eBay challenge, I hinted that I would set myself […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 18

As of EOD 17th May Target: £187 Actual: £180.70 Since I last made a post, I have done a couple of things to help increase traffic to my listings. I have continually added new products to my store, as usual. I have been increasing my twitter followers which in turn will increase traffic to my […]

How to create your own niche video websites in minutes

There is a piece of software which allows you to create your own video website on any niche subject you desire.  This is one that I created in only a few minutes Here is a short video that I made which shows how easy the software is to use and how quickly you can create your own video […]