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Adding Youtube videos with eBay’s new active content policy from June 2017

Some time ago I wrote a post with an instructional video showing how to add video to your eBay listings. From June 2017 this method will no longer work because eBay are introducing a new policy regarding active content.  Here is a link to the policy page If you have listings with active content, […]

How to set up a multi variation listing on ebay

Some time ago, I was asked by another eBay member, how did I make the different options available on my listing.  They were referring to a multi variation listing.  So I thought I would create a video showing how to do it. Why create a multi variation listing though?  Well for several reasons, firstly it […]

How to crop your photos when uploading to your eBay listing

Whilst browsing eBay, I’ve noticed many listings where the photo has lots of unnecessary space around the main subject, or even that the photo is not the correct way round and hence needs rotating.  This has led me to conclude that many users don’t know how to rotate and crop their images when uploading them […]

Dave Nicholson’s 12 week coaching program

Firstly I’d like to point out that this is only available until Thursday 14th February. The best way to succeed online as an internet marketer, is to learn from someone who is already successful. Dave Nicholson is a successful internet marketer and he has created a 12 week coaching program.  This has been available for […]

Protecting you eBay images from being used by other sellers

One of my pet hates on eBay is when other sellers use your images.  This can particularly happen if you are selling wholesale items that other sellers can easily get hold off and sell.   Rather than take their own image and make their listing look unique, they will troll through eBay looking for another seller’s […]

How to add video to eBay listings

Sometime ago, I had a couple of requests from my email subscribers to show them how to add video to eBay listings.  I am sorry it has taken some weeks for me to get around to doing it.  But here you are, I have done it now. There are several advantages to having video in […]

Auction product sourcing 5.5 – eBay arbitrage experiment result

Just over ten days ago, I made a post to show a very bad listing, and my relisted item. Now it is time to see the results of my auction. Here is the video Now lets do the maths. Sale price £18.45 Minus Item purchase price including postage: £2.29 eBay fees: £1.84 Charity donation £1.84 […]

Product sourcing for your online auction business part 5.4 – another eBay arbitrage experiment

I know I have already covered this topic in previous posts by showing you items I bought that were poorly listed and listing them and showing you the results.  But I found such a poorly listed item more recently, I just had to do another. In this video you will see the item I won […]

Product sourcing for your online auction business part 5.3 – ebay arbitrage the results

This is a repost of an earlier post, that for some reason will no longer display on the blog.  It follows on from ‘Product sourcing ideas for your online auction part 5.2 – ebay arbitrage’.   The auctions have now ended. Watch this video to see the results.  Remember this video is just to show […]

Product sourcing for your online auction 5.2 – ebay arbitrage

This post is a repost of an earlier post that for some reason will not display, so I have had to re do it.  It follows on from ‘Product sourcing for you ronline auction business 5.1 – ebay arbitrage’   At the end of my last post, I said I had some products that I […]