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Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Business Part 7 – Job Lots on eBay

It has been several months since my last post in this topic series.  Not because I had run out of ideas, far from it in fact, but just because I have had other things to talk to you about, and besides, I’m sure you have been having fun, and making money from the eBay arbitrage […]

Leaving feedback in bulk on eBay – big time saver

Recently, I have discovered how to leave feedback in bulk on eBay, and thought I would share this with you.  If you sell lots of items each day, it saves tonnes of time. If you use Auctiva or Selling Manager Pro, you can have it set up so that feedback is automatically left when you […]

How to edit your eBay listings in bulk

In the UK, we have recently been submitted to another postage increase by Royal Mail. If you have lots of eBay listings, it could take you a very long time to edit all your listings, but it doesn’t have to.  I have made this short video to show you how to edit the postage and […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 5.1 – eBay arbitrage

I have called this post part 5.1 because it is going to be part one of a mini series within the ‘product sourcing ideas’ series of posts.  There will be at least another 2 posts and videos in this mini series. This product sourcing idea is going to use eBay to source products to then […]

Free eBay market research tool for multiple eBay sites

Have you ever been in a position where you have an item to list on eBay, but not sure what category to list it in, what price to sell it at, or start the auction at and what day to have the auction end?  Well, now you can find out all of this information and it will help you […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 4 – online retailers

This method is kind of similar to that described in the previous post, but you use online retailers, preferably when they have a sale on, but in theory, you could use this method any time, which is why I personally like it so much.  Again, as before, it is a method I use personally so […]

Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 2 – Around your home

Hello, Welcome to the first post about product sourcing for your online auction business.   Remember, I am going to write about my own personal experiences and tell you and show you what I do.  This way you know that you are getting information from a real eBay powerseller, as it is the same methods I have used.  […]

Video – Get number 1 on eBay search results

Hello blog readers, I just made a quick video to illustrate a very simple eBay listing technique that I have been using.  I’m sure this has helped increase my sales and contributed to me getting powerseller. One thing I didn’t mention is that video is that, because most people will bid on an auction as […]

My May eBay challenge – Day 18

As of EOD 17th May Target: £187 Actual: £180.70 Since I last made a post, I have done a couple of things to help increase traffic to my listings. I have continually added new products to my store, as usual. I have been increasing my twitter followers which in turn will increase traffic to my […]

How to easily create your own eCovers.

There is a very easy way to make your own ebook covers, cd covers, ezine covers etc, and it only takes a few minutes.  You can do this with the software called ”eCover creator’.  I am selling this software in my eBay store. Clicking HERE will take you to the ‘software’ category of my eBay […]