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My eBay challenge update – Day 10

As of EOD 9th April Target: £99 Actual: £51.03 Now, I haven’t actually done much since my last update, as I have been very busy this week with other things I am involved in outside of my normal 9-5 job.  I wont bore you with them, as it’s not relevant. but lets just say I […]

How to create your own niche video websites in minutes

There is a piece of software which allows you to create your own video website on any niche subject you desire.  This is one that I created in only a few minutes Here is a short video that I made which shows how easy the software is to use and how quickly you can create your own video […]

A cheaper alternative to AWeber and Get Response

I use AWeber as my autoresponder service and highly recommend it, but it does come with a monthly fee of US$19.99.  There is also another very popular service called Get Response, but I don’t know anything about this. However, if you don’t yet have an autoresponder, but want one without the monthly fees, I recommend […]

John Thornhill’s Masterclass

Did you read the post I made two days ago?  If not, I recommend you read it. This post is going to seem a very big coincidence, but I assure you, these two posts are in no way linked. Over the last few days, I have been getting emails in from a well know internet marketer called John […]

How I increased my eBay store traffic by 27%

Hello, By experimenting, I have increased visitors to my eBay store by over 27%.  Watch this video to see how. This is my first video that I have physically placed on the blog and I hope you have enjoyed watching it. Please leave me your comments.

My first video and a simple listing title technique

Hello everyone, I have finally taught myself something that I have been meaning to do for some time.  And that is, I learnt how to record video on my computer and upload it to my website so that all you guys can watch it, and I’m so pleased that I have learnt this new skill. Now […]