50 eBay selling tips from 10 powersellers

I was listening to eBay radio the other day and the host was talking about how they have had 10 powersellers on the show each giving 5 of their top eBay selling tips.  Now if you want some eBay selling tips, who better to get them from than from powersellers.

The following powersellers are those that have been interviewed

Marsha Collier
Lynn Dralle
Janelle Elms
Mike Enos
Scott Greenwald
Adam Hersh
Debbie Levitt
Skip McGrath
Christopher Spencer
Lisa Suttora

Each of the above powersellers give 5 of their eBay selling tips.  It is all in mp3 audio, so you can listen on line when you want or download them and put them on your mp3 player.   The website you need to go to is www.50sellingtips.com

You will learn things like how to find out what buyers are wanting to buy, how to find stock and make over 100% profit as well as general tips for listing.

I hope you enjoy listening to these 10 short audios and use the information to help with your eBay success.

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