A good picture will get more bids

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The title of this post ‘A good picture will get more bids’ may seem an obvious statement to make, but how many listings with poor photos, or even no photo at all, have you seen?

Well, have a quick browse now on eBay.  I have just had a quick browse and here is a couple of examples I have found. 

Example 1. This picture is all blurry.  You can’t even tell what the item is.

Example 2 The item is blurry.

Example 3: No photo at all. 

Example 4: The bottom of the item has been cut out of the photo

Example 5: Same as example 4 but even worse

Example 6: There is not enough detail and there is a lot of empty space.  The background colour is too similar to the colour of the item and is a bit ‘lossed’.

Now let me ask you this.  Regardless of whether you want these items or not, would you bid on them?  You certainly wouldn’t bid a high amount, and I definitely wouldn’t bid on the auction without a photo.

Now here are a couple of really good pictures.

Example 1:  Good clear sharp photo

Example 2: Item is clear well lit and nothing chopped out

Example 3: This item is small yet still clear and detailed and well lit.

I’m sure you get the idea.

From these examples above, you can clearly see what makes a good picture and what makes a bad picture.  After all, you do want to get as many bids as possible on your item don’t you?  Ofcourse you do, so here are some guidlines of what makes a good picture.

1. If possible, take the photo against a background of contrasting colour.  I usually place a couple of sheets of white A4 paper onto a table and take the photo with the item on that.  If the item is white, then use a dark background.

2.  If you are lying the item down to take the picture, make sure you lie it on a flat hard surface.

3.  The best source of light is natural light.  If you can, take the photo in natural light, but avoid the sun shining directly on to your item,  If you use a flash, the light tends to bounce back at the camera lens. Especially if the surface of the item is shiny.

4.  Do not have any other objects in the picture other than the item you are selling.  If there are other items, this creates a ‘busy’ background and distracts the viewers eye away from what you want them to look at. 

5.  Avoid wasted space around the item.  Try to fill the frame of the camera.

6.  Keep the camera still to avoid a blurred image.  If possible, use a tripod or put the camera on a hard surface while shooting.

7.  Take photos of the item from different angles.  Why only have one picture?  You don’t have to use eBay for hosting the extra images if you want to avoid paying more fees to eBay.  There are plenty of free image hosting services out there.  Just use a search engine to find one.  Type something like ‘Free eBay image hosting’.  A good service I use when I sell any physical item is http://www.auctiva.com/.  This is more than just a hosting service.  You can create your whole auction listing here and there are many other benefits.  I recommend it.

8.  Have the item in the center of the photo.

9.  Use a good digital camera.  The higher the megapixel the camera has the better as this will give a better quality image. 

10.  If you are taking a picture of a small item which has a lot of detail, such as jewelry, use a digital camera with a macro setting.

11.  Take several pictures from the one angle so that when you come to look at the pictures on your computer, you can choose the one that you think is the best.

I hope this helps with you being able to take more appealing pictures of the products you are selling and that this results in higher bids and more sales for you.

Your comments again are greatly appreciated.


eBay member mompessons

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