A listing idea for auction sites such as eBay

Did you see the post I made a while ago where I showed you in a video, how I increased traffic to my eBay store by 27%?  If not, click HERE to see the post.  It will open in a new window.

Following on from that post, I want to share with you an idea I have of free stuff to list.  Here is an auction I currently have running

CLICK HERE (will open in a new window)

As you can see, all it is, is used beer bottle tops.  People collect these, so I thought instead of throwing them in the bin, save them up and list them on eBay.  They have not cost me anything and they are lightweight so wont cost much to post.  This is a great way of getting lots of traffic to your other listings.  Like the auction I show you in the video on the other post, this listing started at 1p, with free postage. 

Check completed listings, and you will see that they do sell for several pound.  If you are thinking it is not worth all of that effort creating this listing just for a few pounds, you’d be wrong.  Once you have made the first listing, you have a template to make your future listings.  Just use turbo lister or Auctiva and your listing will be saved so you can use it again to make a similar listing.  Plus also remember why you are listing them.  Not for the money, although it will be nice if they went for lots of course, but it is a traffic generation tactic. 

When I made this listing, I also opted for international site visibility too as it is only an extra 5p, and because of the unusual beers I like, I’m sure many bottle top collectors outside of the UK will be interested in these.  That is something else worth thinking about when you employ this tactic. 

I hope you will see similar results to those I am getting.

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