An example of why using different web browsers helps on eBay

When it comes to packaging up the sales I’ve made on eBay, I have been doing each one separately, that is print a packaging slip, postage label and packaged it up, then move onto the next one.

Then in December, when I was getting so busy posting parcels, I found a way of printing multiple packing slips and postage labels at once.  I use selling manager by the way.  If you don’t have selling manager pro or selling manager, I would recommend subscribing to one or the other.  Selling Manager has no subscription fee, and Selling Manager Pro costs £4.99 after a 30 day free trial, or included if you have an eBay shop at featured level or above.

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These are links on  Just search the help section of your countries eBay site for fees in your country etc.

In selling manager, I discovered that you can select multiple sales records, then from a drop down menu labelled “Dispatch action” select “Print postage labels or invoices”.  So I discovered I could print multiple packing slips at once.  I found this a great time saver, instead of printing each item separately.

However, I was using Chrome, and when printing the multiple packing slips, each one wasn’t separated on different pages, so on one page I’d have a packing slip then the start of another.   I also have Internet Explorer and Firefox on my computer, and so tried Firefox.  This worded fine.  You can do a print preview to check before printing and wasting valuable ink and paper.

So I just thought I’d share this with my blog readers, as you may find it useful to learn you can print more than one packing slip at once, and that using different web browsers can make a difference.

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