Auction product sourcing 5.5 – eBay arbitrage experiment result

Just over ten days ago, I made a post to show a very bad listing, and my relisted item. Now it is time to see the results of my auction.

Here is the video

Now lets do the maths.

Sale price £18.45


Item purchase price including postage: £2.29
eBay fees: £1.84
Charity donation £1.84
Postage: £1.72
paypal fee: £0.83
Sub Total: £8.52

eBay’s 10% reduction due to charity donation £0.18

Total: £8.34

Profit: £18.45 – £8.34 = £10.11

That is the result of one simple listing I found, with minimum effort. Now, if you can just repeat this many many times, you can see the potential for massive profit just from doing this on eBay.

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