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Your auction title is probably the most important part of your listing.  The reason for this is because most eBayers, when looking for the product they want to purchase, type in key words for the product into the search box on eBay.  You want your listing to be one of those that appear in the results.  This is much like when you are doing a search for something in a search engine, you type in key words for what you are looking for.

Try to think what buyers might type in if they were looking for what you are selling.  In my opinion, and this is what I use all the time as well, is to look in completed listings.  Type in completed listings the key words of what you are selling.  For example if you are selling a Rubix cube then type in Rubix cube.  Then look for the items that sold and see what other key words other seller’s have used to sell their Rubix cube. 

If you find you get a lot of listings that simply are nothing like what you are selling, then simple click on advanced search commands and type in the ‘to exclude’ box the key words that you are finding appears a lot in the non relevant listings and search again.  Obviously there is no point in looking at titles of auctions that haven’t sold because you don’t want to be using the same key words.

Do not waste the space that eBay gives you for your listing title.  Use as many of the characters as possible.  Also avoid using comments like WOW, L@@K or bargain.  These are not what buyers type in when looking for what they want.  This is just a waste of your space and makes your title look untidy.

Make the key words stand out by capitalising them.  For example, if I were selling a Rubix cube, my auction title would be something like ‘Cubic puzzle RUBIX CUBE pocket game – brand new’.  I don’t know if that is too many characters or if it would leave lots of unused characters, but I hope you see the point I am making.  This way if someone has typed in rubix cube into the search box, your RUBIX CUBE part of your title is going to stand out from the rest of your title, and will also stand out from other sellers selling the same or simlar product. 

To get a better idea of examples of this, visit my eBay store and look at my listing titles.  I sell just eBooks, but the same principle applies.

Thank you for reading this post.

 Marc Sampson

eBay member: mompessons

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