Beating Royal Mail’s Medium and Large Parcel prices

This post only applies to readers in the UK.

In my last post, I wrote about Royal Mail’s new pricing structure which came into affect on 2nd April.  It was quite alarming to online sellers that some of their postage services were increasing from £2.20 to £5.30 for probably the most common size packages we send.

I have been trying a different postal service for the first time since these new prices came into affect.  I haven’t written about it till now, because I wanted to be sure I don’t get any complaints or negative comments from my customers before telling you about it.  Now over two months later, I have not received any complaints.  In fact I have asked customers for their opinion from a delivery point of view, what do they think.  And I’ve only heard good things.

The name of this service is ‘My Hermes’.  To begin with I was hesitant about using them, because I searched on the internet for reviews, and I read mostly bad things.  Most of which were items being broken in transit.  However I put this down to that people don’t package up their parcels adequately, and this is the most common complaint.  Also people only tend to write a review if they have a bad experience.

I decided to give them a try, and I am glad I did.  You can set up an an account direct with their website at and at a parcel site called parcel2go

Here is a list of advantages of My Hermes over Royal Mail

  • Both of these sites will connect to your ebay account and download your sales enabling you to print postage direct from their website
  • My Hermes will come and collect your parcels from your house.
  • If you prefer or is more convenient for you, you can drop your parcels at over one of 2000 late night opening convenience store, meaning you don’t have to struggle to get to a post office when they are open.
  • You get free online tracking
  • If you want a signature on delivery, you can have that too for less than Royal Mail’s recorded delivery option.
  • You get an instant email giving you a tracking number which you can pass on to your customer.
  • Most eBay and other online sellers will just use Royal Mail, so by using My Hermes, you will be able to price your products more competitively., and in my opinion, use a better postage service than Royal Mail.

If your item is small and light enough for Royal Mail’s large letter or small parcel service, Royal Mail is the cheaper option.

My Hermes typical delivery time is 3-5 working days, so if your customer wants the item quicker, I also give them Royal Mail’s first class service, obviously charging the appropriate postage.

Just one more point before I finish this post, Parcel2Go, gives you access to more delivery services than just My Hermes, so I would use them if nothing more, than to keep an eye on the prices of other services.  Just compare the price they charge though against My Hermes direct as on the odd occassion they do charge a little more for some reason, but mostly do charge the same.  Parcel2Go say that the more you use them, the cheaper your postage will get.

Happy mailing.

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