Changes to eBay listing title rules

Just changed for the month of September is the number of characters eBay allow in the listing title.   It was 55 characters and now is 80 characters.

I don’t know about you, but quite often I run out of characters when choosing keywords to put into my titles, so this is good news indeed.  Here is the link to the new policy on and

Giving you space to write better item titles

I have also checked out the news pages on the US and Canada sites.   This also applies to but I can’t see anything about this on   If any of my Canadian readers find differently, please leave a reply below this post.

The link above also gives you advice on best using your listing title.  You should always try to use all 80 characters without keyword spamming, i.e. using words not relevant to the product.  I have done a post some time ago with a video also giving advice on how to write a good title.  You will find this in the ‘eBay’ and ‘Videos’ categories of my blog.  However the main rule is to try and think what words people will type to search for your item.  The number of times I have seen ‘WOW’ or ‘L@@K’ when this is just a waste of character space.

I hope you have found this post of some use.


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