Don’t shop on eBay this Saturday 5th December

Ofcourse, I’m joking.  As an eBay seller myself, I would never say, “don’t shop on eBay”.  It’s just one of those querky titles to grab your attention.

As I was eating my breakfast this morning before starting work, I heard that this Saturday is ‘Small business Saturday’.  I seem to recall it being mentioned about this same time last year.  It was a government introduced scheme under the Conservative and Liberal Democrate Coalition in 2013.

It is aimed to help small business in a varitey of ways including:

  • encouraging shoppers to turn away from your big name shops and buy from smaller businesses
  • the ability to register your business and advertise for free
  • free business start up advice
  • free marketing toolkit

If you run an online business, or any other small business such as a brick and mortar business, then head on over to Small Business Saturday to register your business for free and for loads more details about it.  You can even register to attend free workshops in your area and there is a link to the post workshops youtube channel too.

So why did I start by saying “Don’t shop on eBay this Saturday”?  Well my concern is that consumers will see eBay as a big name, when in fact it is a platform for small business to trade on.  I can’t remember what happended to my sales last year on small business Saturday, but I will be paying attention to my sales this Saturday.



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