eBay and CD ROMs

Hello all,

Since the digital ban came into effect on eBay earlier in the year, there have been many discussions on people’s blogs, forums and newsletters about the best way to deliver your products. 

I am slowly turning all of my ‘eBooks’ into multimedia CD ROMs and slowly but surely getting them listed on eBay.  At the time of writing this, I have about 30 products on eBay now.  You can visit my store, CD ROMS in my eBay store.

Before the digital ban came into effect, I was not aware how to create a CD ROM.  Sure I knew how to burn files to a CD, but I want to be, and create professional looking products.  Just sending a CD in a plastic sleeve with my hand writing on it of what the product was would not impress my customer, so I needed to learn how to do this properly.

It just so happens, I am a member of John Thornhill’s 90 day powerseller challenge site and John has done a superb job of updating his members area to reflect the change in eBay policy.  He has created step by step video tutorials on how to create CD ROMs and even provides templates which you are free to use if you wish, for both your listing and CD ROM.

So far I am very happy with how things are going.  I have made 5 sales which comes to the value of £17.95.  5 sales might not seem a lot, but I have only 30 different products listed and only just started listing them about one and a half weeks ago.  I am going to be adding more and more products, and I am confident I will be mailing more and more CD’s.

Before the digital ban came into effect on eBay, there were literally hundred’s of people selling eBooks on eBay.  This ofcourse meant competition was high.  Now if you do a search for CD ROMs, there only seems to be a handful of people selling them.    This means there is little or no competition.  I would recommend this as a form of income from your internet venture.  I highly recommend John Thornhill’s 90 day powerseller program

Another product highly recommended which will show you how to create your own CD ROM is Digital Media Solutions.

This, ofcourse, is one solution to the digital ban on eBay.  Once I have increased my inventory in my eBay store, I will then be looking at other avenues for selling my digital products, and as ever, my blog readers will be the first to read about my findings.

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