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Hello everyone,

Do you know about eBay radio?  I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have been listening to it, and it has some great information on there.  The best thing too is you don’t have to listen in live, as the shows are saved to the site and you can listen when ever you want, or even download it to your mp3 player.

It is not a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week radio station.  It seems they do a show once a week and you can then just listen to it at your convenience.

The type of shows you get are:

  • Your phone calls – people call in with their questions, and the host then does his best to answer them.   To listen to the latest show at time of post CLICK HERE
  • What’s hot on eBay and eBay radio news.  To listen to the latest show at time of post CLICK HERE
  • The do’s and don’t’s to finding the right product to sell on eBay.  CLICK HERE to listen.

 There is just a ton of stuff on there, and I could be posting links to different shows all day.  You can search by topic, date or just listen to the latest shows.  If I find anything that I believe my blog readers will be particularly interested in, or anything that I find that I like, I will make a new post about it.

To go to the eBay radio home page, CLICK HERE.

If you find any eBay radio shows that you feel other readers would be interested in listening to, please post a reply to this blog post with a link to it.

Happy listening,

Marc Sampson.

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