eBay – Your products show in main searches for 3p

I have just realised something, and want to share with you as I think it is great.

This relates to my last two posts regarding the forthcoming changes on eBay.co.uk.

I mentioned that from the 24th September, there will no longer be shop inventory only listings.  You can currently list in your shop, items selling for £4.99 or less for just 3p without a gallery image, and 6p with.  These listings are only visible to people visiting your shop.  Until now……I have just found out by pure accident, that eBay shop inventory only items are now appearing in main search results on eBay.  So this means you can list your buy it now items for as little as 3p and they will appear in the main searches and appear for 30 days. 

I don’t think that eBay will pull your shop inventory listings on 24th September, they just wont allow you to list anymore from this date.  If you have an eBay store and you are planning on keeping it after the price increases, stop listing using the buy it now option and list using the shop inventory option.

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