Have your listings appear high in eBay’s Best Match search results

In my last post, I briefly explained about the new rules using references to the Powerseller status or logo in your listing.

I also mentioned that the powerseller program has not ended, but in fact you need to reach powerseller status before becoming a Top Rated Seller.  Since that post, I have reached the prestigious status of Top Rated Seller (TRS).  So you know that what I am about to tell you, or indeed have told you in previous posts, works.

Just as you can’t make reference to your powerseller status, the same applies to being a TRS also.  I recently found this out when wanting to make reference to it in one of my listings.  Your listing will ofcourse display the logo of your status on eBay anyway.

This post is tell you how to get your listings high up on eBay’s default search of ‘Best Match’.  These are not listed in any particular order.  This is actually quite a science, and no doubt I will not cover everything, but it is tips that I have picked up.

  1. It is a violation to list multiple buy it now (BIN) listings of the same item.  If you do, not only will you risk having your listing(s) removed, they will feature lower down in the search result, and if caught breaching the policy, seriously harm your chances of getting TRS status.  What you should do is sell multiple items in a single listing.
  2. If you have variations of the same product to sell, e.g. different colours, sizes of the same t-shirt, different quantities of the same item; packs of 10, 20, 30 etc. then do not list them all as separate listings, but create a multi variation listing.  Not only will this appear higher in the ‘Best Match’ search result, but has other advantages too.  Saves on listing fees; have a better chance of a customer buying more than one item from you; the title of the variation, e.g. red, green or small, medium, large etc are searchable terms saving you using these in the listing title, saving you characters for more key words.  Do not underestimate the power of multiple variation listing.
  3. Offer free postage.  Okay, there is an argument that yes eBay then effectively get a commission on your postage costs, as you build it into the price.  You might also think that you are less likely to sell more than one item, as you can’t offer a postage discount for multiple purchases.  But what I have found is if you list more than one item at a time, list them with a best offer feature, and you will find people who want to buy more than one from you, will make you an offer, knowing that it will cost you less per item to send three for example.  This is something I have found works very well.
  4. Use popular key words for your product.  This may seem obvious, but listings that receive a higher sale per page hit ratio will appear higher in the search results than a listing that has a lower sale per page hit ratio.  If on average one listing makes a sale for every 5 page views, this will appear higher in the search results that a listing that makes a sale for every 7 page views.  A very important reason why you should do key word research when writing your listing title.  I have written a separate post on a free eBay market research tool which also gives you stats on keywords.  This post also contains a video tutorial on using the tool.
  5. If you are not happy about giving free postage, or just don’t want to, then do not overcharge on postage.
  6. Use the item specifics section, as these also are searchable terms.  For example, if you are selling a new item and select condition as ‘new’ in the item specifics, and do not put ‘new’ in the listing title, your listing will still appear when someone searches ‘new’ .
  7. List your item in a relevant category, e.g. if you have an iPhone accessory to sell,  do not list it in the iPhone mobile phone category, as there is a separate category for iPhone accessories.
  8. Maintain high Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR’s).  If another seller is selling the same product as you, and they have higher DSR’s it is likely their listing will appear higher in the search results than yours, even if their item is more expensive.  So, post quickly, give accurate descriptions, do not overcharge on postage, and communicate with your customer.
  9. Become a TRS.  TRS’s listings appear higher in the ‘Best Match’ search results.

This is not an exhaustive list, but are the main points to remember.  Bear in mind that ‘Best Match’ is eBay’s default search result, and most buyers do not change this, or even know they can, especially anyone new to eBay, so it is very important you get high visibility in these search results.

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