How I became an eBay powerseller


It has been too long since I last made a post, so to all of my regular readers, I apologise, but you will understand why in just a minute.

At the end of my last post, where I explained about how I met my May eBay challenge, I hinted that I would set myself a June eBay challenge.  Well I did set myself one, but didn’t get time to write about it really, so my next few post will be about this.

The next challenge that I set myself, which was my June eBay challenge, was to become a powerseller by the end of June.  Well, I am now an eBay powerseller.   The image below is copied from my eBay account. but to prove I did not just create this in some photo editing software, click on it to be taken to my eBay shop for prove.


Now that I am a powerseller, over the next few posts, I am going to share with you some techniques that I have used to reach this status.

It all started when I became a member of the 90 day powerseller program.  Without this, I know that I wouldn’t be a powerseller now.  This provides you with video tutorials on how to make your own CD ROM products that you can sell on eBay or any other auction site for that matter, and even provides you with 100’s of information products you need to create these them.

Now, while becoming a member of the 90 day powerseller program got me started on the road to becoming a powerseller, and while I used the techniques and products I created from the tutorials inside the members area, I have been sourcing and selling non cd rom products too.  It is the techniques I used with these products that I want to talk about in my following posts.  I am going to cover the following

  • how to source products to sell on eBay for profit, including some you can get for free
  • how to increase the visitors you get to your listings and hence sales and bids on your auctions
  • how to get repeat customers coming back to you
  • how to encourage your customer to buy more than one item in the same transaction
  • how to increase the visibility of your listings

Would you like to learn all of the above information in my next few posts?  As I am going to share this with my blog readers for free, I encourage you to sign up for the updates if you have not already done so.

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4 Responses to “How I became an eBay powerseller”

  1. What. A great result! Well done.

  2. i think it is difficult to become an ebay power seller in a short period of time but it is doable in less than a year.`;~

  3. i would love to be an ebay powerseller but it takes a lot of work to become one. you need also to have lots of good feedback ;~:

  4. Thank you for your comment.

    Actually, feedback has very little to do with your powerseller status now. More to do with your dsr’s and these are only calculated ona percentage, so amount of feedback is irrelevant. For the latest details visit

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