List for free on eBay


Now  you can list for free on eBay.

But not everyone can list for free.  It only applies to private sellers,  i.e. if you have registered as a business seller,  this will not apply to you….but read on anyway, and for auctions starting 99p or less.

Another but….although you can now list for free on auctions starting for 99p or less, the final value fees (FVF) have increased from 8.25% to 10%.  In other words, if your item does not sell, you pay nothing, which of course is good, but if it does sell, you will end up paying more than before when you paid 10p listing and 8.25% FVF.

If you are a private seller, I think this is not so good, but I think eBay are going down the route of no sale no fee, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they extended this across the board.

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If you are a business seller, why not open another eBay account as a private seller.  List an item for under 99p on an auction listing and put a link in that listing to your other listings on your other eBay account, there by driving traffic to those other listings without it costing you anything.

Hope this information is useful to you.

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