My eBay challenge – the end result

April is over, and the eBay challenge has ended.  So would you like to know how I got on?

As of EOD 30th April
Target: £330
Actual: £213.26

In an earlier post I said my best month recently, may be ever, was March when I turned over about £150 worth of items.  Well, now I have smashed my best ever month and beaten it by over £60.  So although I didn’t reach my target figure, my challenge was still a success.

I am not going to give up.  I will attempt the challenge in May, so now I have a May eBay challenge where I will attempt to do the same again, and as I go along, I will share my journey with you and tell you what I am doing and what tactics I am employing to increase my revenue on eBay.

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