My eBay challenge update – Day 10

As of EOD 9th April
Target: £99
Actual: £51.03

Now, I haven’t actually done much since my last update, as I have been very busy this week with other things I am involved in outside of my normal 9-5 job.  I wont bore you with them, as it’s not relevant. but lets just say I could have chosen a better month to set myself my first ever challenge.

Anyway, I have not done nothing at all.  I have still further increased my inventory, which has been my focus, but over the last couple of days I have been thinking what I can do to increase sales of my existing items, mainly my CD ROM based products.  The majority of them are £1.99, and I already have one strategy in place whereby I give free postage for 3 or more items sold in the same transaction.  This does result in some extra sales which I might not otherwise get, but I wanted to do something extra just to help out with this target.

I also have many CD ROM products priced at £9.99.  These are mainly video tutorials and some software.  I have done a couple of posts based on the software products including a video on how the software works.

If you have an eBay shop, you have a ‘sale’ facility called ‘mark down manager’.  I thought I would use this tool and  have a sale on these higher priced CD ROM products.  I have set up the sale to last two weeks with a 35% discount.  To see how these sale listings look, click HERE to see the video tutorial products, and HERE to see the software products.

Now, I don’t know if this strategy will help to increase sales over the next two weeks, but I will share the results with you.

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  1. Hi Marc,
    I posted a comment here: my-first-personal-monthly-challenge-on-ebay
    I probably should have posted that here instead but I wanted to clarify my previous comment. Turned into a Rant. Sorry:)

    April 10, 1955 – 54 years ago today – I was born. Just wanted to share my Joy at becoming Old!(lol) Senior discounts begin next year.


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