My eBay challenge update – Day 26

I didn’t keep my word did I?  I said I would give an update on the Tuesday/Wednesday after the Easter bank holiday weekend.  Well unfortunately,  I got a bowt of ‘man flu’.  I have been over it for a few days now but I had to catch up with sending out orders that had come in while I was ill, and wanted to get more items listed.

So how have I been getting on? I suppose you are wondering.  Well, here are the latest figures:

As of EOD 25th April
Target: £275
Actual: £140.51

It does not seem that I will make up my target, however it still looks as though it will be a good month, considering when setting my target, I not taken into account Easter, which meant many evenings were tied up with the Church, and was ill for a few days.  In a previous post, I mentioned that my best month recently was last month (March) making about £150 worth of sales.  So it looks like I will better or equal that, which I think is pretty good going.   Had I not set myself the target, I would not have put in the extra effort.  Had I not put in the extra effort, I would not have done as well as I have.  I will attempt the target again next month.

This does not mean I have given up.  There are still 5 days to go including today, and anything can happen.  Just yesterday I made a new video for the ecover creator software I am selling on eBay, showing how to use it.  I have posted this on youtube.  Here is the link  I will be making a seperate blog post for this though.  Now that I have made this video and uploaded it to youtube, I can now embed this in the listing, which should help to increase sales of this product.

Another update will be along in a couple of days.

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