My eBay challenge update – Day 5

As of EOD 4th April
Target: £44
Actual: £17.10

It is Sunday evening as I write this on 5th April.

Since my post from yesterday I thought first things first is get extra stock in my eBay shop.  After all, surely the best way to increase sales is to increase inventory.  This will also help to drive extra visitors to my other listings.

One tactic I recently have implemented, was on all of my non CD ROM based products, at the top of the listing ask the visitor to browse my eBay store and put a link which will open up the home page of my eBay shop in a new window.  See my non CD ROM based products by clicking HERE and take a look at the listings to see what I mean.  The important thing here is that it opens up in a new window as I don’t want to take by visitor away from the listing that drove them to me in the first place.

Yesterday I went through some old stuff I have that I don’t ever use, or have never used.  I have gone through some old games and software and listed those that I never play or use.

That was yesterday (Saturday 3rd April) but today I have not done anything.  It has been such a beautiful day today, I thought I would give the garden some much needed attention.  Now I have done that, it’s back to work.

I will post another update in a day or two, so keep watching.

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