My first personal monthly challenge on eBay

Did you read the blog post I wrote ‘Whether you beleive you can or you can’t you are right’?

Well, if not, please do read it.  I sincerely believe in the points I raised in this post.

Now, I must be totally honest, I have not got off to the best start with this challenge.  The reason I say that is because I intended to make a post about it before I started the challenge, this post you are reading now, but I am a few days late with it.

The point of this series of posts, is to put myself in the public eye while I attempt to meet the goal that I have set myself this month.  My goal is to clear £300 on eBay after eBay fees.  This means, because of eBay’s greedy 10% commissions, I need to sell £330 worth of products.  This equals on average to £11 a day.

Now this may not seem a lot, but with the way things are at the moment, people are reluctant to part with their money plus also I have never cleared £330 in one month on eBay.  But then saying that, I have never set myself any monthly targets, and in order to succeed you must have a target to work towards.   So can I have my best ever month on eBay during a recession?  I believe I can.

This means I need to do more work on eBay than I have been doing up until now.  I need to increase the stock in my eBay shop and if possible, increase sales on my existing products that I am selling.

As I go through this month, I will be telling you how I am getting on and what exactly I am doing different and extra on eBay to make this extra money.

To put this into context, in March, I sold just over £150 of stock.  This means I need to sell more than double what I sold last month.

I have already quite heavily implemented one tactic I wrote about some time ago.  And that is this one, ‘How I increased my eBay store traffic by 27%’.    View my eBay store by clicking HERE, and you will see many auctions I am currently running starting at 1p with free postage.

By the way, so far my eBay sales for April have not averaged £11 a day.  Each post, I will tell you how much I have sold on eBay since 1st April.  The start of each post I make this month will look something like this:

As of EOD (End of Day) 3rd April:
Target: £33
Actual: £5.14

I am way off where I want to be, so I need to get my skates on.  I will check back with you in a day or two with an update.

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  1. Hey Marc,

    Holding yourself accountable in the public eye is a good idea as long as you can be accountable to yourself first. I have found that if I don’t care about being accountable to myself first, I really don’t care about anyone else. Hang in there and Never Give Up!


  2. Hi Mike and thanks for dropping by.

    Thanks also for your comment, but I’m not sure what you mean actually.

    I want to be in the public eye whilst I attemp my best ever month on eBay so people can see how I do it, and learn from me. I’m sure there isn’t one person who wouldn’t like to know how to earn £300 a month on eBay.

    I care about all of my subscribers and all of my blog post readers such as yourself. I care that I am giving you all good content and information that will help you make money on the internet.

    Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. Hi Mark,
    What I mean in my above comment is that you have to be accountable for your actions to your self first, to the public eye second. Your Day 10 update states: “Anyway, I have not done nothing at all”. This shows that your are honest with “yourself” in admitting you have done nothing at all because of other things you are involved with. Secondly, you admit this fact in the public eye, “this blog”. Although iy is not good that you have done nothing at all, iy Is good that you are honest enough to post that fact in the pulic eye, “this blog”. To summerize, you are accountable to yourself in accepting the fact that you have done nothing at all, then acountable in the public eye by honestly admitting your have done nothing at all. I hope this makes some sense to you.

    We are the little guys, the non-gurus, amongst an army of the Big Guns, the hyped up, lying Master Marketing Gurus who claim to be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in IM. (JT is not one of these) It’s a fact that some are making gobs of cash like they claim, but…. they all started out with nothing but the desire to succeed. You and I both want to succeed in reaching our goals, but as you said, things get in the way. I have a 9-5 JOB, and on top of that, I take care of a farm with a herd of 34 Alpacas. I feed, water, fill the hay bins, and clean up poop before I go to WORK, then when I get home from WORK at 6:30 or 7:00, I feed, water, fill the hay bins, and clean up poop. Sometimes I don’t eat supper till 9:30 or 10:00pm. My time to work on my business is after all that is done. Then usually what happens is I fall asleep at my computer before I have accomplished anything productive. I know for a fact that there are many people out there that play out this same scenario.

    I guess it’s a matter of just “How Bad Do You Really Want Finacial Freedom”! I want it, but am having a hard time figuring out how to “Fit It In” this crazy schedual.

    This post has turned into more than I had planned and I appologize for the above “Rant”

    I think you and I should try working together towards a common goal. Look up my email address in your autoresponder account, and send me a personal email. Maybe we can work out something together. There is power in numbers you know, even if it is only two!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    PS – We are both PSMS members

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