My May eBay challenge – Day 11

As of EOD 10th May
Target: £110
Actual: £72.34

Since my last update, as always, I have been adding more items to my inventory, but I have also given my eBay shop a face lift.  It now has a completely different look.  In fact if you were used to my old eBay shop, you now will not recognise it.

The reason for this is to try to create my own image and have a unique look.   One thing I done to give my shop a unique look was to create my own logo.  Here it is.

My eBay shop

I can now use this image on other websites, including this blog, and also have it link to my eBay store or where ever else I want it to link to like my eBook website.  The one above links to my eBay shop, and the one below links to my eBook website:

My eBook website

This on it’s own wont create extra traffic or many extra, if any extra, sales but I’m hoping it will help with repeat customers because they will recognise my label and brand if you like.

I welcome any comments you may have.

You can create images very easily such as the above with photoshop, or if you don’t have photoshop, gimp which is a free alternative.  You can get gimp at

Another tactic and eBay challenge update will be posted in another couple of days.

Until then, look after yourself and your eBay identity.

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