My May eBay challenge – Day 14

As of EOD 13th May
Target: £143
Actual: £132.03

Since my last update, I have been, apart from the obvious listing of more products, been continuously looking at more ways of driving traffic to my store, and hence my listings.

Now this post covers something that I touched on in a post for my April eBay challenge, but I have recently discovered it is so much more powerful than I originally thought, it deserves another mention.

In a word ‘Twitter’.  You should tweet to the tweeple.  If you are already a twitter er, then you will now what I am on about.  If not, you should register now.  Here is my twitter page:

I have recently purchased a video series of tutorials for twitter, and golly, it is so much more powerful than I realised.  This is the reason why I am mentioning it again.  I am still going through the video course, but when I have finished, I will be selling the same course in my eBay shop and also via digital download, as I have master resale rights to it.

There are so many twitter tools, and it is these tools that make twitter as powerful as it is.  The two most exciting is that you can incorporate it with your blog, and also Aweber.  The video series will explain all.  I will make a separate post about it when I have it available.

Anyway, go tweet, and I will catch up with you again soon with another update.

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