My May eBay challenge – Day 31

As of EOD 31st May
Target: £330.00
Actual: £441.14

WOW, I must have done something right this month, I smashed my target figure.

I’ve only been doing what I have been writing about on my blog over the last couple of months.

What do I think has been the most successful tactic? – I believe it has been not over charging on postage costs to send abroad.  As an estimate, I think roughly 30% of my sales have been to people outside of the UK.  I wrote about this in my last post.

As a complete coincidence, I received an email from eBay today which among other items, explains that from 3rd June, items on, the UK listings will appear on all of European eBay sites too.  You can read more about this HERE.

Actually I didn’t know they were not being shown on European sites, certainly judging from the number of sales I have had from European customers.  I can only think they physically looked on to find my items.

The main purpose of this challenge was to try to highlight a post I made a couple of months ago.  Here it is again.

I set myself a goal, and I accomplished it.  I may not have done it on my first attempt, although I still say the April challenge was a success, I did on my second attempt which was this May eBay challenge.  I know I wouldn’t have made this value of sales had I not set myself this target.  A value of sales which I have never achieved before but still I believed I could it.

Although the challenge is over, I will still continue to post tips and tactics to increase your online auction sales and traffic.

3 Responses to “My May eBay challenge – Day 31”

  1. Well done mate for making your target. Keep up the good work


  2. Hi Marc,

    I guess you might be one of JT’s student but not on the masterclass, am I right?

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Mandy,

    Yes you are correct. No, not on the masterclass, I was on his first ever coaching program that his ran start of 2008.

    Good luck to you too.


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