My previous listing idea and how well it did.

On my previous post, I told you about another listing idea.  It was telling you about how I have started to list on eBay something that I had been throwing in the bin.  Click HERE to see the post.  It will open in a new window.

I have seen an increase in my eBay store visitors as you would expect, and I also saw an increase in sales, especially towards the end of this listing.  Not only that, the auction finished for higher than I expected it would.  Click HERE to see the final result of the auction.   By the time you read this post, this eBay page may not exist, as they don’t stay there forever.  So just to tell you, it ended up at £7.50.   I also paid for the international visibility upgrade for 5p, and this was worth doing, as someone in the USA won the auction, as I am in the UK.

So I received £7.50 for something I used to throw away, and made extra sales on my other items.  Not a bad result for something I used to throw in the bin eh?  Will this make you think twice before chucking anything out?

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