Preparing for Christmas on eBay

My last post, all too long ago, was what to do after Christmas.  This post is related to that topic, but getting ready for Christmas.

I am conscious that my last post was too long ago at the beginning of the year.  However I don’t believe in just posting articles on any old rubbish just for the sake of it.  I will only ever write quality posts.  Having said that I do have many thins I want to share with you, and will try to do so in the very near future, detailing free video tutorials made by me.

Getting back on topic, Christmas (yes I can hear all the groans), although we are still a third of the year away from the big day, you should be getting ready by sourcing and stocking up for the busiest time on eBay.  Actually, not just eBay, but ofcourse any online selling platform you might be using.

A particular method of product sourcing I use, which I have touched on within my video series of product sourcing methods, is buying a job lot on eBay.  One favourite of mine is to use Chinese sellers who make wholesale listings.  If using this method you would be leaving it very late in the day now to buy these due to the time it takes to get to you.  This is kind of why I wanted to write this post this evening.  If you wish to use this method, I would urge you to do so now.  I have to confess I left this very late myself and only ordered product yesterday.

I did think of making a video showing you how I source using this method, but I thought you could probably find such listings yourself on eBay.  If however you wish me to make a video, just drop me a comment below.

Apart from the above method, you should actively be sourcing product, and if new to my blog, you can view old posts I have written and videos I have made giving you product sourcing methods.

Another season I do really well on is Halloween, so if you don’t sell Halloween related products, trust me you should, it is my second biggest profit maker after Christmas.  As per above, if you are not sure where to source Halloween products from, just search on eBay, you will find stuff I’m sure.

Until next time, get sourcing, snapping and listing….good luck.  And if you want that video, don’t forget leave a comment below.

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