Product sourcing for your online auction 5.2 – ebay arbitrage

This post is a repost of an earlier post that for some reason will not display, so I have had to re do it.  It follows on from ‘Product sourcing for you ronline auction business 5.1 – ebay arbitrage’


At the end of my last post, I said I had some products that I had won by using the technique I had explained.  Now they have arrived.  I have 6 bears to list.  One of them, I will not make any profit from, as I did not do my research properly, so this will highlight why research is important.  This particular bear, I have listed on a buy it now.  All the other 5 bears I have listed on auction.

In the below video, I will show you the listings which I won, and the new listings I have made to relist them, and you will see the big difference in the listings.

This is how much I spent, including postage, on the items shown in this video:

Bundle of teddies – £3.49
The two me to you bears – £8.50
Total spent – £11.99

So, for this to be a success, I need for these combined auctions to finish for more than £11.99

I will write another blog post and make another video after the auction has ended.  Depending on how the auction goes, I may well do a post and video half way through the auction too.

So, watch this space to see the results of this live eBay arbitrage experiment.

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