Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 2 – Around your home


Welcome to the first post about product sourcing for your online auction business.   Remember, I am going to write about my own personal experiences and tell you and show you what I do.  This way you know that you are getting information from a real eBay powerseller, as it is the same methods I have used.  I make 100’s of £££’s a month on eBay.  I hope that each post will spark a little bit of excitement inside you. 

As the title of this post suggests, I am going to talk about sourcing products from around your home.  The reason I am starting with this, is this is how most people get started.  This is how I got started a few years ago.  I am also going to show you my eBay store.  Not to advertise my listings to you, but to show you items I have found from around my own home, one which when I tell people I sell them, they can’t beleive that people pay money for these items.  I will show you this in a video below.

When I got started selling on eBay, I needed to raise some money quick.  I took a load of CD’s that I didn’t listen to any more down to one of those cash converter places.  I got such a small amount of money for them, I could have cried walking back out of that place, but I needed the money.

I then discovered eBay.  I can’t remember how exactly.  Most probably from a television advert.  Anyway, I opened up an account, read through some tutorials and started selling my CD collection on eBay.  I put each one on an auction and sold each CD for much more than I would have got at the cash converters place. 

Of course, I soon ran out of CD’s to sell, but I was hooked and wanted to keep selling.  I started looking for other ideas of sourcing products.  Basically I just rummaged around the house some more and found some stuff that was just sitting in drawers and on shelves etc.   I listed and sold these items.  I generally didn’t make as much per item as with the CD’s but I didn’t care as it was only things not wanted any more.  Things like ornaments, clothing, books, key rings, video tapes etc.

In this video, I am going to show you some listings in my shop and a recent auction that ended, just from items I found around the house.



To browse around my eBay shop, click here

Another way of getting ideas of things around your house to sell, is to look in the ‘home & garden’ category of eBay’s main listings.  To go straight there, click here  These links will open in a new window so that you don’t loose this blog post.

Watch this video to see how you can get a rough idea of what to expect to receive for the items you find around your home.



I do hope that this post has given you food for thought.  If you haven’t yet started to sell on eBay, but would like to, this is the perfect way to get started, mainly because you do not have any initial financial outlay.

Good luck!

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