Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business part 5.1 – eBay arbitrage

I have called this post part 5.1 because it is going to be part one of a mini series within the ‘product sourcing ideas’ series of posts.  There will be at least another 2 posts and videos in this mini series.

This product sourcing idea is going to use eBay to source products to then resell back on to eBay for profit.  This may seem strange and even unlikely that it is possible, but trust me, this is one of the most profitable ways of sourcing products.  Just like the other methods I have written about, I use this method regularly too.

I have three different ways of sourcing products on eBay, and this method actually is my favourite.  It involves finding auction listings that are poorly listed.  A poorly listed item can have one or all of the following factors:

  • poor auction title – misspelt words, not using all the characters available in the auction title, not including vital keywords that get searched for to find the item
  • bad photograph, or not having one at all
  • poor description

The first of the above is the most important, because without having a good auction listing, an item is less likely to show up in search results, or if it does show up at all, it will be nearer to the bottom on eBay’s default search of ‘best match’.  This will result in fewer visitors to the listing, meaning fewer bids, meaning a lower ending price on the completed auction.

Once you have found a badly listed item, you need to know if you are likely to make a profit on it if you were to bid and win the auction.  You can find this out by looking at completed listings.

Once you have found a poorly listed item that you want to bid on, you then want to win it at the lowest price you possible can.  You do this by putting your bid on as late as possible.  For this you use a sniper tool.

I have made two videos showing how to do all of the above.

Video one – finding a poorly listed item, how to find out if you are likely to make a profit from it and how to snipe the auction.

Video two – more examples of poorly listed items, and how to find 100’s more with one click of a mouse.

It is a really good idea to win at least half a dozen items from the same niche and list them all on eBay at the same time.  This way you can attract the visitor to your other auctions as they will be interested in those too.  I will cover more about this in my next post.

That basically covers eBay arbitrage in a nut shell.

I do have two items to list that I acquired by using this very same technique.  In my next post and video, I will show you the items I won, and list them on eBay.  I will then do another video while those auctions are running and then another video after the auction has finished so you can see it live as it happens.  This will be a live eBay arbitrage experiment right in front of you eyes.  I could not do a video with me bidding on the auction that I have won, because I did not want anybody else bidding on it.

For more information on eBay arbitrage, I would recommend eBay arbitrage, the complete guide to flipping, which will show you in more detail how to search, find, buy and re-sell products on eBay for huge profits.


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