Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business Part 6 – Car Boot Sales

In the very first post in this series of ‘Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business’ which you can read here
Product Sourcing Ideas for your Online Auction Business

I list several ways of sourcing products, most of which I have not yet covered.  Now is an ideal time of year to be using one of these methods in particular.  That method being car boot, garage, yard sales etc.

Many people use this method, and not any other method as you have virtually an endless supply of products at next to nothing prices.  It is amazing what price people sell their unwanted items for at a car boot sale.  For example, my sister went to a car boot sale two weeks ago, and bought a Barbie doll for her 3 year old daughter for 50 pence.  I saw it too, it is in immaculate condition.  Now you go and search completed listings for used Barbie dolls, that’s all I am saying.  And that is just one item from which there are literally thousands of bargains to be had.

If you are not sure of where your nearest car boot sale is, then will tell you what you need to know.

To learn more about finding products at car boot sales, garage sales etc then Garage Sales Strategies for eBay Success will tell you what to look for when finding products to buy to resell on eBay.

Now that finally we have some good weather, get out there and grab some bargains to make hugh profits with.

Please share any success stories you have and products you find from this method, by leaving comments below.


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