Product sourcing ideas for your online auction business


Welcome to the first of a series of posts that I am going to write which will help you get starting selling on online auction sites such as eBay and for those already selling, learn strategies you probably are not using.  I do not know yet how many posts this seres will be, but I hope you like them.

I mentioned in one of my more recent posts that I would deliver the following information on my blog: 

  • how to source products to sell on eBay for profit, including some you can get for free
  • how to increase the visitors you get to your listings and hence sales and bids on your auctions
  • how to get repeat customers coming back to you
  • how to encourage your customer to buy more than one item in the same transaction
  • how to increase the visibility of your listings

I am going to cover the above in this series of posts, starting with this one.  Each point will be covered in several posts, some with video so that I can show you exactly what I do to succeed on eBay.  If you are not on eBay, but another auction site, the information I will be providing, can just be adapted to suit.

In this post, I am going to start covering product sourcing.  This post will simply be a list of the several methods you can use.  Some of which I use today, and some which I am still to experiment with.  The posts following this one will go into more detail on some of the sourcing methods.  For example, how to use auction sites themselves to source your products to sell back on the auction site.

  • eBay and other online auction sites
  • wholesalers
  • around your home
  • car boot, garage, yard sales
  • sales from shops on the high street
  • sales from online retailers
  • charity shops
  • friends and family
  • creating your own products
  • drop shipping
  • auction houses
  • government auctions
  • police auctions
  • getting items for free
  • second hand shops

I think that list is enough to be getting on with for now.  As I have already mentioned, I have not used all of these methods myself, but in the following posts, I will write a dedicated post to those methods I do and have used.

I hope that this series of posts will be useful, informative and interesting for you.

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