Top 5 things to do after Christmas for eBay sellers?

Now that we are well into January 2012, the mad rush of sales leading up to Christmas is now well behind us, and hopefully you will have a healthy paypal or bank balance.

But what now?  You will probably expect or find a big drop in sales.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I remember last year, I was very surprised how busy I still was in early January, and this year was the same.  Why could this be?  Well here are some of my thoughts:

– to begin with, I was surprised how many Christmas items I was still selling after 25th December.   Then I noticed what I was selling was being ordered from overseas.  You have Coptic Christians who’s Christmas is later, so could be why for these products.

– diaries are always popular, still into the new year.  You would think people would purchase their diary before the new year starts, but maybe people wait to see if they get one as a present, and when they don’t then order one.

– that leads me on to another reason why high sales continue into January.  People don’t get what they wanted for Christmas, so now go to buy what they didn’t get.

There will be more reasons, but the above are ones I have thought of.  So how does this help you now?  Well to be honest, it doesn’t help you now, but points to remember for next Christmas time.  For example, if you sold Christmas items, e.g. trees, decorations, gift sets etc.  Don’t take the listings down on 26th December, keep them up.

So what to do now then?  Well, just before Christmas, the subject of what to do after Christmas was a discussion on eBay radio.  To listen to the segment here is the link:

eBay radio 20th December 2011 segment 5 – Top 5 things you MUST do after Christmas

I found this really useful information, and I hope you will too.

eBay radio has two shows every week, one on Tuesday starting at 11am PST (7pm GMT) for three hours.  The other show is on Thursdays from 3pm PST (11pm GMT) for two hours.  The show I prefer to listen to is Tuesdays as they have guest speakers as well as sellers and guest speakers phoning in.  Thursdays are just for the audience to phone in.  However, if you can’t listen in live, then you can listen to the shows in the archives when ever you want.  You can even download them to listen on your mp3 player on the go.

The website for eBay radio is

As I mentioned, I listen on Tuesdays.  I also like to phone in.  On a recent show, I did just that.  It was my second time to phone in.  I rang to ask about seller protection.  You can listen to that segment here.


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