UK sellers only: you can now send larger parcels using Royal Mail’s small parcel product

On 30th March 2013, Royal Mail introduced a new pricing structure for sending parcels.  I wrote a post about it on 15th March.

There are three different parcel sizes; small, medium and large.  The size of small parcels from 30th March were 8cm x 35cm x 45cm or 16cm x 16cm x 16xm, both with a weight limit of 2kg.  This left us very limited to what we can send for £2.60.  The next size price up for medium parcel is a whooping £5.20.

You’ll then have noticed I tried out a different courier service called ‘MyHermes’, and then wrote a post about that as they are much more reasonably priced.  I’m wondering if I am not the only one, as now Royal Mail have changed the size restirctions for small parcels, which is very good news as it means we can now send larger items for £2.60.

The new sizes are:

Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 8cm Weight limit: 2kg (no change)


Length: 35cm Width: 25cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg

You can see the new prices on this pdf

Royal Mail’s new prices effective from October 2013

You may alrady have known, but if not, I hope this comes as a nice surprise for you.  I confess I was very excited when I found out.

I only found out when I was in the post office recently to send a couple of items recorded delivery, and saw this leaflet about it in the rack.  I’m usually on the Royal Mail website every day, and they have not made any announcement about it, so thought I’d share this with my UK blog readers.


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