Video – Get number 1 on eBay search results

Hello blog readers,

I just made a quick video to illustrate a very simple eBay listing technique that I have been using.  I’m sure this has helped increase my sales and contributed to me getting powerseller.

One thing I didn’t mention is that video is that, because most people will bid on an auction as the listing is coming to an end, this listing will probably get number one for the search term, ‘digital watch’, for several days.

It is also a good idea to do a search using the keywords you are aiming for before you list your item.  If there are lots of people also listing from 1p with free postage, then it probably isn’t worth doing.  If this is the case, experiment with different key words.

Lets say, for example in my listing, there were other listings with 1p and free postage for the search term, ‘digital watch’, then I could have seen how many listings are coming up for ‘men’s digital watch’, or ‘men’s watch’.  Then when I get a results page where there are no other 1p listings and free postage, I would put these key words in my title.

Hope that if you use this technique, that you see favourable results.

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